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Our team takes pride in curating each project to surpass individual client needs.


Division 32 Landscape Architecture was founded in Chicago in 2018 to bring a focus on creating landscapes for everyday life. We believe that landscapes hold tremendous power over our lives, literally creating our schema for the world. Too many spaces have been built without care and without intent and our goal is to operate where we can to evolve our public and private landscapes, bridging ecological thinking and aesthetic principles. 

Our unique professional and academic experiences span over twenty years and include working alongside Chicago's most significant landscape contractors, landscape architects, and horticulturists. Forming the backbone of our approach, these experiences have positioned Division 32 Landscape Architecture to define the next generation of landscape ideals and spaces throughout Chicago, the Great Lakes, and beyond.

The division 32 office and their employees.

Full-service design or a needed refresh

Expertise in the design-build delivery approach has allowed us to represent our clients while collaborating with exceptional contractors, architects and interior designers.

Collaboration at every stage

Site Assessment

Concept Plans

3D Visualizations

Design Development

Construction Documentation

Bid Management

Permit Coordination

Planting Design

Construction Adminstration

General Contracting

Seasonal Containers

Garden Care

We believe in our work and want to build our landscapes and manage the bidding and construction process on behalf of our clients. Our network of craftspeople offers us the ability to pick the right artisan on a per-project basis,  and we seek local experts in their application to translate our design vision into reality.




Team Work Makes the Dream Work.

We believe in building strong relationships with clients and stakeholders - from homeowners to zoning boards - to ensure that changes in the landscape are considered personal and functional.  Teamwork with allied disciplines including architects, interior designers, real-estate developers, civil and structural engineers, artists, fabricators, and urban designers makes our work lives dynamic and projects well-rounded.  We are not interested in big egos but expect exceptional results conceived of with humility and with enjoyment.

Division 32 planting team on site.

Project in Mind?

We are always interested in discussing real or hypothetical design projects, regardless of size. Send us a message and we will follow up to get the conversation started. 

Let's Grow together

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